Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment - DICE

This product is designed for airports wishing to use safe and advanced equipment for cleaning their inset and elevated lights with the greatest efficiency and under all weather conditions.
It uses the cryogenic technology by projecting carbon dioxide ice pellets under pressure
. This process has been confirmed by the ADEME (French Environmental Agency - Agence Française de l’Environnement) as being an ecological tool in compliance with the current Standards.

Description :
FB Technology has developed a cleaning system that can be either installed in a vehicle or on a trailer allowing for rapid intervention, and in difficult climatic conditions.
The operator manipulates an arm fitted with pressure compressed-air injector. The control is carried out by using a push-button installed on the arm gun.
The cleaning operation is done by projecting a mix of air and ice pellets on the light prism.
The residual product causes no damage to the prism and does not pollute the environment, neither attracting nor favoring development of the fauna surrounding the platforms ( rodents, birds, etc.). No residual are left on the runways or taxiways.

All types of inset or elevated (height < 50 cm.) lights can be cleaned efficiently and allow for total removal of the following forms of dirt:
- Rubber from aircraft tyres
- Calcium deposits
- Glycol
- Paint spray / splashing from night / daily marking
- Salt
The equipment design gives it great flexibility while its speed (few seconds per light) allows operations between aircraft movements.
The projection machine has been designed by simplifying it at best in order to reduce the breakdown risks and the operating costs.

The equipment can be installed inside the Airport maintenance vehicles that will pull a compressor 7bars/ 5000litres or on a specifically designed trailer where compressor, the dry-ice container and the machine are fitted.
Contact us to define your requirements.

Efficiency ans speed :
The visual assistants play a critical role in term of security and regularity of the flights. The equipments of airfield lighting thus have to insure an availability close to 100 %. The extensive use of runways and traffic lanes and the climatic conditions generate spots which can degrade the Category of the airport and being able to go to its closure in low visibility.
Based on its long experience of the airport operations, FB Technology developed a new system allowing to insure the periodic cleaning of the installations of airfield lighting. The efficiency and the speed of this.
Maintenance unit demonstrated that it represented the ideal additional tool of the Services of Maintenance.

Description of the supply:
  • Cleaning machine for inset and for elevated lights (excluding very higt approach units)
  • Compressor in option Dice 3
  • Trailer in option
Regulatory material :
The mobile unit is equipped with the regulatory material to enter and operate on any airport site (optional) :
  • Fixed VHF radio link in vehicle
  • Portable back-up VHF radio link
  • Vehicle equipped with flashing beacon light
  • Regulatory signals on the vehicle
  • etc...

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