Photometric Airfield Calibration - PAC Lab II

Système Pac Lab II

PAC Lab II is an associate product of PAC system (Photometric Airfield Calibration).

The PAC Lab II system improves the maintenance work, making it more efficient and accurate by providing the capability to control the light output of each fitting before installing them on site.

The system measures and controls all the AGL inset and elevated lights. It is placed preferably inside a dark room or a specific enclosure can be built around the system if it has to be used in a clear open space. It uses a computer unit for monitoring the process.

The light fittings are positioned on a rotating plate in front of the PAC sensors strip fixed on a vertical bench.

To facilitate the operator’s action, the rotating plate moves upwards and downwards so that fitting positioning remains user-friendly.

Features :
  • Measures all light fittings;
  • The system is preferably installed in a dark room or a specific enclosure can be provided upon request;
  • Reliable, precise and quick results in candela Instant report edition
  • No adjustment prior measurements
  • Dedicated functions to support AGL maintenance
  • Variable measurement speed
  • Users of PAC system can share the same sensor strip for both in-field and workshop measurements
  • In option, the AGL fittings (from LED low power lights to 500W halogen fittings can be supplied with the FB Technology µCCR (dedicated for workshop use).


Technical data :

  • Measures all light fittings
  • Average measurement speed : 10 to 30s per light (light pre-heating and fitting replacement not considered)
  • OS: Windows XP, 7 or 8® •  Integrated Data-Base
  • Required space: 1.30m  x 3,50m x 1.50m ( W x L x H )
  • Precision: ± 2 % •  Temperature range: - 30 to + 70°C
  • System power supply: 220 Vac
  • Sensors strip  (if provided)    àWeight : 8 Kg / Dimension : 1m x 16cm x 12 cm (L x W x H)

The system provides the following results :

  • Maximum and minimum value in candela found in the light beam
  • Average light intensity value in candela
  • Position of maximum and minimum points in V° and H°
  • Iso-candela diagram of the light beam providing ICAO grid points
  • Compliance to ICAO and to Airport Maintenance levels (Pass or Fail)


Click here to download the technical data of PAC Lab II system