Optimising maintenance works and stocks : 
PAC²V5 is a mobile system for evaluating all inset and elevated lights. The test report provides the candela value of each light, and identifies any defect requiring action to be taken. It also makes it possible to monitor lamp ageing from previous runs so that all the results for a runway or taxiway can be compared.
This enables the airfield lighting department to plan its operations and manage its stocks as efficiently as possible. If the lamp is not defective although the system indicates a low intensity, the identification facility guides the search and thus optimises maintenance operations.

Operation of the PAC systeme :
The system is installed on the front or at the back of any type of vehicle. Measurements are made in real time as the vehicle travels over the lights at a speed up to 60 km/h.The luminous intensity detected by the sensors placed in front of the sensors strip is fed to input/ output modules that are connected in a LAN to a programmable logical controller installed in a separate box fixed on the side of the sensors strip.
The PLC allows for industrial grade data collection. Then the data are sent via Wifi or via an Ethernet cable to a portable computer or a tablette operated by the users inside the vehicle.
Up to 65000 samples can be recorded for each light fitting with no limitation of number of fittings (for a laptop computer with sufficient memory).

Certification and calibration :
Each unit manufactured by FB Technology is calibrated using a NIST traceable reference light source for quality control. The PAC system has also been certified by the French Civil Aviation Technical Services (S.T.A.C.) and the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC).

Technicals data :
Description of the supply :
The system is supplied in a carrying case :
  • The measurement strip
  • The programmable logical controller box
  • The distance measurement device
  • The PAC software installed on a laptop computer
  • Only the power supply cables go to the sensors strip box, no cables running inside the vehicle except an Ethernet cable if WiFi communication is not possible between the strip and the laptop computer due to Airport Rules or constraints.
  • Optional DGPS receiver and antenna

Installation :
The system can be installed on any vehicle.The customer can have this done by FB Technology or can do it himself, in which case he must have his installation checked by a FB Technology engineer. This can be done during the Training & Commissioning session. The distance measuring device is mounted on the side of the vehicle or on the front frame. The sensors strip communicates via WiFi or a Ethernet cable with the laptop monitored by the operator inside the vehicle.

Operating conditions :
Operation by night :        yes
Displacement speed :    up to 60 km/h
Measurement range :     up to 30.000 candelas
Weather condition :         dry, wet surface

Guarantee and calibration :
The system is supplied with a full 1-year guarantee. After the guarantee period, a maintenance contract is required to cover yearly calibration and software updates.

  • N° Patent pending international WO2013037921(A1)
  • N° French Patent pending         FR2979989 (A1)