Reflective Markers for Airport

Description :Balise réfléchissante bleue

  • Marker body made of injected plastic PE/HD, aviation yellow or traffic blue with special anti-U.V. treatment.
  • Corrosion proof.
  • Removable retro-reflective sleeve with High Intensity reflective power.
  • Available in different dimensions & with colours compliant with Annex14 Appendix I Figure 1.3.

Utilisation :

  • Marking of taxiways, runways and traffic areas edges.
  • Complement the airfield lighting.

Colours :

The markers’ retro-reflective strips are available in different colours compliant to the ICAO
recommendations : blue, yellow, red, white & green.

Characteristics :Balise retroreflechissantes bleue

  • Visibility 360° horizontal by day and night owing to its cylindrical shape.
  • Retro-reflective height : from 150mm to 375mm.
  • Retro-reflective surface for 250mm height = 200 (ICAO recommends minimum 150

Compliance :

  • ICAO : Annexe 14, Volume I, 3rd Edition,  para. 5.5.5 and figure 1.3, Appendice 1
  • FAA : AC L-853, type 2
Installation :
Mounting can be done directly into ground or pavement or with optional PVC support for soft soils or improved installation .
Avantages : Balise réfléchissante rouge
  • Simple installation .
  • Marking of airport areas lacking electric supply lines.
  • Excellent resistance to jet blasts.
  • Frangibility allowing to present minimum hazard to aircraft or vehicles in case of impact.
  • No electrical connection .
  • No maintenance.
Dimensions :
  • Total height                560 mm
  • Visible useful height    375 mm
  • Visible diameter          79 mm

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